Summer 2011

Taking a few minutes to send an update as to what we’ve been up to this summer! The boys and I have kept busy so far. We’ve spent lots of time swimming, playing with the neighbors, bike rides, going to the Reading in the Park program, going to the library, collecting rocks and sticks, etc. Luckily, Bennett is very easy going and happy to go along with whatever we’re doing.
Bennett started rolling over a couple of days ago from his back to his tummy. Every time we put him down for a nap or at bedtime he rolls over right away, so he has become a tummy sleeper. The first couple of times, he got a few extra checks to make sure he was breathing! He is still nursing like a champ and we started introducing solid food last week. He’s had avocado and banana so far and we’ll try sweet potatoes tomorrow.
Andrew has kept us busy, what with being three “and a half” now. He amazes us and challenges us every day. His favorite things to do are ride his bike, play with cars, and play with any of his little friends. There are lots of kids in our neighborhood, so there is usually someone to play with. Last week Pete was working at the “remote office” (Caribou), and the boys and I were playing outside. The next door neighbor kids came out and after awhile they asked if Andrew could come in their house and play school with them. Um, yes please! I knew Andrew would be excited and it was a welcomed break for me. Pete went to go get him when lunch was ready and Andrew cried because he wanted to stay and play!
Pete has been staying busy with work and has taken trips to Philadelphia and Qatar this summer. He has one more to Seattle in a couple of weeks. We moved his office upstairs to the guest room so that he can have a little more peace and quiet during the day!
The boys have been keeping me busy, but I’ve been able to get out most mornings to go for a run. Our town festival is coming up, so I’m hoping to do the 5k in a couple of weeks. Otherwise my days are consumed with cooking, cleaning up, laundry, and doing my best to entertain these 2 boys!
Last week we returned from a trip out west to Bozeman, MT. My brother lives there, so my whole family drove out and we rented a house for a few days. We had a Devereaux family reunion last weekend and will be heading to Sheboygan in two weeks for a reunion on Pete’s side. Lots of driving, but it’s been nice to spend time with our families.
Here are a few photos!

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